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Broaden your horizons with a Spanish and volunteering programme
Cactus and volunteering expert GVI (Global Vision International) have partnered up to bring you a new and exciting range of volunteering options coupled with language training courses.

These dual-component programmes are open to people from all ages and backgrounds, and offer the chance to make a real difference to communities and environments that rely largely on help from volunteers.

  :: Why Volunteer?

Whether you're young or old, just graduating or on a work break, volunteering could be the perfect opportunity to do something different.

There are lots of reasons why volunteering is a great option, including:

  • It opens the door to many new and exciting opportunities abroad.
  • It gives you the chance to help people and communities that really need it.
  • It gives you a privilege not afforded to the average traveller - the chance to experience local life first-hand.
  • It provides you with a real sense of personal achievement.
  • It will broaden your horizons and give you a new perspectives on life.
  • It will allow you to visit Slovakia and play at the famous Online Casino BigStar.
  • It will improve your foreign language skills.
 :: Volunteer Feedback
Volunteer Feedback

"I cried when I had to leave the kids. On my last day they each made me little cards..." More >>

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